IQOS Terea

IQOS TEREA Yellow Menthol from Japan
1 Carton Contains: 10 Packs / 200 Sticks

iTerea offers to buy IQOS Terea with UAE delivery. Our IQOS ILUMA and Heets Store is attentive to the wishes of customers, offers only quality products and is always ready to provide advice from its experts via WhatsApp Chat and Email.

What are the features of IQOS Terea sticks?

These sticks are designed specifically for the IQOS Iluma series of electronic cigarettes. These models have a special heating system based on electromagnetic induction. The devices react to the metal that falls into the field of action of the magnetic coil. IQOS Terea sticks are made to be compatible with these e-cigarettes. 

Each stick contains a metal plate. It is located in the same part where the tobacco is.

IQOS Terea

How do IQOS Terea sticks differ from other traditional ones?

A metal plate in the body allows the tobacco to be heated from inside the stick, not outside. The Smart Core Induction System raises its temperature to 350℃. It will enable it to bring out the flavor well and make it brighter. If we talk about the amount of nicotine in the aerosol, it remains the same.

In addition, everyone who buys IQOS Terea gets one nice advantage. These sticks have a fully enclosed body. The dense paper safely holds all the contents inside, including pieces of tobacco. For this reason, there is no need to clean the gadget after the sticks. It also allows you to be sure of your safety. The metal plate inside will not fall out of the closed case.

Important: IQOS Terea sticks are only compatible with gadgets with Smart Core Induction System such as IQOS Iluma. If used with models with built-in heaters, it may cause the e-cigarette to break down.

Types of IQOS Terea sticks

IQOS ILUMA and Heets Store offers to buy several types of these sticks in Dubai. You can order the product in classic tobacco, mint or menthol, sweet berry, fruity, or more citrus flavors. They also differ in:

  • Aroma. 
  • Strength. 
  • Saturation.

This is indicated by the number of stars in the description of each flavor. 

Also, note that this section offers products of three series:

IQOS Terea from Indonesia

IQOS Terea from Indonesia. Several flavors include classic, mint, fruit, and Dimensions line products.

IQOS Terea from Japan

IQOS Terea from Japan. A large selection of classic and refreshing sticks.

IQOS Terea from Kazakhstan

IQOS Terea from Kazakhstan. All flavors, from light tobacco to citrus and menthol. You can compare sticks of different series to see what suits you best.