IQOS Terea from Kazakhstan


Smoke with pleasure and with the least harm to your health - prefer the products of our IQOS ILUMA and Heets Store. We offer a large number of different flavors. Pay attention to the IQOS Terea from Kazakhstan series. For any order over 200 AED, we deliver at our own expense.

IQOS Terea from Kazakhstan

IQOS Terea from Kazakhstan: what tobacco sticks can you buy in Dubai?

We offer quality products enhanced with flavors:

  • Cocoa. 
  • Spices. 
  • Dried fruits. 
  • Green tea.
  • Citrus. 
  • Berries. 
  • Fresh fruit. 
  • Menthol.

IQOS Terea from Kazakhstan: how to choose a flavor

Pay attention to the following points:

01 What kind of cigarettes do you usually smoke?

Many people choose sticks similar to regular tobacco (for example, Silver) or stop at the menthol (Turquoise) version. At first, choosing what is closest to the usual product is better.

02 What strength do you need?

This is an important parameter that will depend on your pleasure and the feeling of saturation. Also, many people are interested in a bright flavor. Note that these parameters are rated in stars on the website. Thus, Purple is a very flavorful, medium-strength tobacco, while Turquoise is light and has a faint aroma of freshness.

If you want bright and rich menthol flavors, check out the IQOS Terea from Japan category. More sophisticated fans of e-smoking will be interested in sticks with unusual flavors. Such products include, for example, the Dimensions series. They can be found in the section IQOS Terea from Indonesia.

IQOS Terea from Kazakhstan: important details

These sticks have a fully enclosed design, which prevents the tobacco from spilling out and ensures excellent heating of the contents. These products are designed for use with 4th generation e-cigarettes, which have induction chambers instead of heating elements. Each stick contains a thin metal plate. It is safe and necessary for heating tobacco. 

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