IQOS Accessories


Buy quality IQOS Accessories to make using your e-smoking device easier and more enjoyable. Here, you can buy something that will come in handy when maintaining your device. Fast delivery in UAE, affordable prices, and pleasant service are all about iTerea - IQOS ILUMA and Heets Store in Dubai.

Why should you buy IQOS Accessories?

The device needs to be cared for to make e-smoking easy and enjoyable, with the flavor of the sticks well-revealed and brightly felt. It is recommended to clean IQOS Devices for Heets every 20 sessions. These gadgets have built-in heaters in the form of metal plates or rods. The stick is put on them for smoking. It causes small parts of tobacco to spill out, causing an accumulation of impurities from the tars. To clean your device without damaging it, you need to use special IQOS Accessories.

IQOS Accessories

What IQOS Accessories can you buy from the iTerea website in Dubai?

We offer the following:

Original Cleaning Tool

Original Cleaning Tool. It is a brush in a case that helps to clean the inside of the IQOS without risk of damage. It is handy and very compact. It has a white plastic case with a loop. Cleaning Tool can be carried in your pocket or bag.

Oil Absorbing Sheets for IQOS

Oil Absorbing Sheets for IQOS. These products allow you to clean the device less frequently. Replaceable pads are placed inside the device and absorb the resins that are released during smoking. When there is a lot of dirt, the sheet is removed, and a new one is placed instead.

Original Cleaning Sticks

Original Cleaning Sticks. Many people replace them with cosmetic cotton swabs. Still, we strongly advise against this to avoid breakage and getting lint inside. It is better to use IQOS Cleaning Sticks. They have the right shape and design.

IQOS Cleaning Kit

IQOS Cleaning Kit. It is an all-in-one product. The kit contains everything you need to clean and maintain your gadget. It is very convenient and saves you time. The set includes Cleaning Sticks, Oil Absorbing Sheets, Cleaning Blade, and Tweezers.

We are constantly expanding our assortment. Please choose the right IQOS Accessories and order them to your city in UAE with iTerea website.