Brusko Vape


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What you need to know about Brusko Vape 

This line of disposable e-cigarettes is created for those who prefer long-lasting vaporization and vivid sensations. This brand announced itself in 2016 and has successfully wowed more than 10 countries since then. Brusko has won the Hookah Club Show, JohnCalliano Awards, and /GODA several times. 

These disposable e-cigarettes provide a light and pleasant vaporizing experience that will be your companion on a walk or during a fun party.

Brusko Vape

Brusko Vape: range of disposable e-cigarettes to buy in Dubai

We offer to order disposable vapes of the following series: 

  • Kegger. 
  • Yum. 

All versions have their fans. Below, we describe the features of each type.

Vape Brusko Kegger

This series stands out with its design. The body has the shape of a round keg. Such a disposable e-cigarette is comfortable to hold in your hand - you need to put your fingers around it like a mug with your favorite drink. The body consists of PCTG plastic in black color. The top ends with a mouthpiece made of soft silica gel.

The Vape Brusko Kegger is intended for 15000 puffs. For this purpose, it is fueled with 20ml of e-juice. The device is complemented by a Mesh Coil and a 550 mAh battery that can be recharged via the Type-C connector. A fully fueled disposable vape weighs 92g.

We offer the Vape Brusko Kegger in the following flavors:

Fresh Fields

Fresh Fields. Enjoy a mix of sweet grape and mint, complemented by notes of aloe. It's unexpectedly great.

Raspberry Rush

Raspberry Rush. This taste is not as obvious as the name might suggest. Ripe raspberries are complemented by the flavor of wild forest berries and minty freshness.

Red Mania

Red Mania. Grapefruit and red currant befriend each other to create this flavor. Notes of mint add to the freshness.

Summer Splash

Summer Splash. It is a true taste of summer parties until dawn. You will taste watermelon, strawberry, and a couple of mint leaves.

Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder. A union of mango, strawberry, and pineapple. If you're interested in tasting the tropics, this is a great choice.

Vape Brusko Yum

This series has a more familiar form factor, resembling a small flat flask. You can choose between 6000 or 8800 puffs. The aluminum alloy and plastic body holds 12 or 16ml of e-juice, respectively, and weighs 50-60g. The devices have a 550 mAh battery and a Type-C connector for recharging.

These disposable e-cigarettes are complemented by a Mesh Coil. They have a matte finish that is very tactilely pleasing. The device has a technical feature: an adjustment airflow near the bottom. It makes vaping even smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Try the following Vape Brusko Yum flavors:

Blue Burst

Blue Burst. A berry smoothie that puts you in the mood of the tropics. You will feel the notes of blueberries and black currants.

Apple Slice

Apple Slice. This disposable vape offers a sweet and sour blend that is perfectly invigorating. Apple and lemon flavors are responsible for this.

Jungle Cola

Jungle Cola. This option will be appreciated by fans of vaping with a sweet taste. Especially for you - classic cola and raspberry.

Mango Madness

Mango Madness. A bright journey under the chords of ripe fruits. Mango and peach will make vaping juicy and unforgettable.

Minty Mingle

Minty Mingle. Do you want to cheer up? Opt for this option. Mint and ginger will get you in the mood in no time.

Water Me

Water Me. The freshness you need on hot days. Juicy watermelon and bold mint will provide it for you.


Beachcomber. How does the classic taste of the tropics sound? Most likely, it sounds like this. A cocktail combination of pineapple and delicate coconut.

Cherry Charge

Cherry Charge. What could be more invigorating than Red Bull? This flavor, because it also has notes of bright cherry added to it. It'll keep the party going for a long time.

Grape Escape

Grape Escape. This disposable vape is sweet, spicy, and refreshing at the same time. Citrus and ripe grapes are blended for this one.

Kiwi Kiss

Kiwi Kiss. It's a good option if you want to start with familiar tastes and understandable combinations. Strawberry and kiwi are a pleasant fruity vaporization.


Orangina. Citrus has already captured many hearts. Check it out, maybe yours is already among them. Lemon zest and orange juice will lift your mood.

Straw Sizzle

Straw Sizzle. A stunning dance of strawberry and lime. It's a combination that's worth trying.

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