IQOS Terea from Japan

IQOS TEREA Yellow Menthol from Japan
1 Carton Contains: 10 Packs / 200 Sticks

If you want to buy quality tobacco sticks in Dubai, pay attention to IQOS Terea from Japan. This series is rich in flavors and will satisfy even the pickiest consumer. You can order this product at iTerea - IQOS ILUMA and Heets Store. We are pleased to offer you top-notch service and delivery within the UAE.

What you need to know about IQOS Terea from Japan series

These are tobacco sticks suitable for use with IQOS Iluma System and similar devices that work on the Smart Core Induction System principle. They cannot be inserted into previous generations of e-cigarettes because this can lead to breakage - a small piece of metal is inside each stick.

IQOS Terea from Japan

IQOS Terea from Japan: flavors available to order in Dubai

You can purchase the product in flavors that belong to the category:

auto_awesome Menthol and Mint.
auto_awesome Regular (tobacco classics).
auto_awesome Flavor Capsule Sticks.

All of them differ in saturation, strength, and brightness of aroma.

Menthol and mint flavors IQOS Terea from Japan

Refreshing notes add a bright taste to the sticks, help to reduce the feeling of nausea when smoking tobacco, as well as invigorate.

Black Purple Menthol

Black Purple Menthol. They are loved for their berry and woody notes, high strength, and strong flavor.

Purple Menthol

Purple Menthol. A mild, refreshing taste. Notes of dark berries are also present.

Black Menthol

Black Menthol. A frosty chill that will energize you even on a hot day.

Black Yellow Menthol

Black Yellow Menthol. This is another version of strong tobacco with citrus and refreshing notes.

Yellow Menthol

Yellow Menthol. Citrus, herbs, and a mild, pleasant, sweet aftertaste.

Bright Menthol

Bright Menthol. Green fruits, distinct sour kiwi notes add emotion to smoking.

Fusion Menthol

Fusion Menthol. Herbs and flowers? Why not, regarding the unique flavor in the IQOS Terea from Japan series.

Tropical Menthol

Tropical Menthol. Exotic fruits and pleasant coolness combined with quality tobacco.


Menthol. Sticks with a laconic name and a pleasant aftertaste - mint and tobacco blend.


Mint. It is an option for those who find menthol too harsh and frosty. Light notes of vanilla.

Tobacco classics in the IQOS Terea from Japan series

Classic flavor complemented by interesting accents:

Balanced Regular

Balanced Regular. Medium strength sticks with aromas of herbs, vanilla, and citrus.

Rich Regular

Rich Regular. Malty taste and high saturation.

Bold Regular

Bold Regular. Strong tobacco with a fruity flavor.

Ruby Regular

Ruby Regular. Tobacco leaves and red berries are what it will give you.

Smooth Regular

Smooth Regular. Unobtrusive tea and vanilla aroma

Warm Regular

Warm Regular. Wood, cinnamon, and coffee. A cozy tobacco for home smoking.

IQOS Terea from Japan: flavor capsule sticks

IQOS TEREA Oasis Pearl combines the flavors of menthol and wild tropics. The difference between these sticks is that inside them is a capsule. If you press on it, the taste becomes brighter. However, you can smoke them without breaking this pill. Then, the flavor will be lighter. Many IQOS fans like this way of controlling their sensation. 

You can try all these flavors and choose the one that suits you. Also, take a look at the category IQOS Terea from Kazakhstan. Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions on WhatsApp.