IQOS Iluma One


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What is special about IQOS Iluma One?

It is one of the brightest representatives of IQOS 4, which works based on electromagnetic induction. This technology is new to e-smoking and has huge potential. All gadgets that heat tobacco using a Smart Core Induction System have the following features:

  • There are no metal blades and rods in their design. 
  • They ensure smooth and even heating of the stick. 
  • These devices are only compatible with the IQOS Terea
  • They are practical and rarely require cleaning.
IQOS Iluma One

IQOS Iluma One design

The main feature of the IQOS Iluma One is its all-in-one design. This device has no separate case and holder like the classic version of IQOS Iluma System. It is a one-piece unit with all the internal stuffing in one case. This solution has several advantages:

auto_awesome Original appearance

IQOS Iluma One has a pleasant, streamlined, futuristic shape. Its look is reminiscent of a traditional lighter.

auto_awesome Rare breakages

There are no collapsible or moving parts in this design. It means that it is difficult to break when it is in use.

auto_awesome Compactness

The device's body takes up little space compared to the IQOS Iluma Prime version. Putting it in a pocket, backpack, briefcase, bag, or desk drawer is easy.

Models are available for ordering in colors:

  • Azure Blue. 
  • Moss Green. 
  • Peeble Grey. 
  • Sunset Red.


We are also ready to offer you 3 models from the limited edition collection:

IQOS Iluma One Neon Limited Edition

Neon. The indigo-colored case is complemented by a raspberry-colored top.

IQOS ILUMA ONE WE Limited Edition

WE. A gray and turquoise solution - bright but not too bold.

IQOS ILUMA ONE Oasis Limited Edition

Oasis. A breath of vibrant sunshine and a good mood that you can carry with you.

Functionality and technical characteristics of IQOS Iluma One

This model weighs less than 70g with dimensions of 120x30mm. It takes 90 minutes to fully charge, after which the device can be used up to 20 times. Many users have enough for several days of active use of the gadget. The capacity of the battery is 1728 mAh. 

On the body, there is a handy big button and an indication of the remaining charge. It is very convenient. It takes about 20 seconds to preheat the stick. The gadget is ready to work almost instantly, which saves you time. 

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