IQOS Heets from Lebanon

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IQOS ILUMA and Heets Store offers to buy quality e-smoking products in Dubai. You can order IQOS Heets from Lebanon. Ask any questions via WhatsApp or Email. Our experts will help you with ordering and delivery to your city in the UAE.

IQOS Heets from Lebanon

IQOS Heets from Lebanon: what's inside the stick

This series uses high-quality tobacco. It is enhanced and supplemented with flavor additives. It makes the smoking process a pleasant journey that can relax or invigorate you, energize you for accomplishments, and lift your mood. We offer to buy sticks in Dubai in a variety of flavors: 

  • Menthol, refreshing. 
  • Fruity and floral. 
  • Tobacco with notes of herbs and vanilla. 
  • Citrus. 

Different notes are combined in such a way in the bouquet of each flavor that you can not always say for sure what kind of spice or fruit you feel. Still, it will definitely be interesting, unusual, and enjoyable. 

As with all products in the IQOS Heets range, these sticks are wrapped in quality white paper. A tobacco blend and filters inside each product make the aerosol clean and light. The edges of the stick are open, allowing you to put it on the heating element in the holder and warm the tobacco properly.

Reasons to buy IQOS Heets from Lebanon

E-smoking is progressive and comfortable. Suppose you've already switched to using IQOS. In that case, you know how important it is to ensure the quality of the sticks you insert into the holder.

This tobacco: 

  • Has no dangerous impurities. 
  • Reveals its flavor perfectly when heated. 
  • Is available in different flavors and strengths. 

You can be sure that IQOS Heets emit less carbon monoxide and other toxic substances than conventional cigarettes. It is taking care of your health and pleasure at the same time. The iTerea website also offers the option to buy IQOS Accessories in Dubai. They allow you to clean e-cigarette holders without the risk of damaging them. Any order over 200 AED is delivered free of charge.